Starter pack: Basic level services that might be useful to properly apply all subsequent additional services

  • Analysis of client’s communication and marketing channels. The service includes additional dedicated information pages and sales / purchase pages that might be needed
  • Analysis of on-site services (on-site inspection to evaluate services that are marked as accessible)
  • Best Practices and advices presentation (regarding both blind people and people with reduced mobility)
  • Strategic plan aimed at merging Ethical Communication with the current editorial plan and within corporate Brand Awareness

Consulting services on corporate communication channels:
Strategic and operational consultancy to improve existing communication channels towards accessible tourism, with periodic support for the development of the editorial plan and real time marketing

Consultancy on company’s services:
Strategic analysis and consultancy during the improvement phase or during revision of existing services. For this specific tasks, we provide partner consultants or trusted non-profit organizations to validate functionality and accessibility of services

Innovative projects and collaborations:
Design and organization of projects and events in collaboration with Profit and Non Profit organizations with the aim of spreading a concept of “Normality” which embraces that of “Inclusion”, also for the purpose of raising awareness among companies’ employees

Accessible tourism workshops and courses:
Workshops and courses organization, aimed towards managers and staff members, in order to raise awareness on disability issues and pass on various Best Practices to soften the awkwardness of the “discomfort zone” at the workplace and towards customers


The “Discomfort Zone” is about relationships with other people. It’s about the embarrassment or emotional tension that needs to be eliminated to establish a spontaneous relationship with people who have different personal characteristics than what we are accustomed to.